50 prints

Custom screen printed posters are not cheap, I get it. There’s an investment of time, materials, and correspondence that takes place. Often times, making it appear easier just to pay someone and have them put your name on a piece of paper and call it a day. But settling is never a good way to go and providing fans with a tangible experience via a poster is a small investment.

So with that being said, you purchase 50 TWO color screen prints and donate my time and design free of charge. And in exchange for me donating my design fee I ask for the creative freedom to make your poster and 25 extra posters for me sell on my site. Due to the nature of my schedule, I am not able to offer this on an unlimited bases but will strive to make it available at least once a month.

Ok, now for the logistics of it all. The price to purchase 50 TWO color screen prints is $500. You’ll fill out a quick form informing me of what needs to be on the posters, you’re likes, dislikes, and favorite time of year. You’ll wait about 10 business days, while I create and print your posters. And then finally you’ll receive a package with your beautiful screen printed posters inside. From there I wish you best, and hope you enjoy your prints as much as I have enjoyed creating them for you.